Google Messages start testing iMessage-like reactions


RCS messaging may not be Android’s iMessage killer that some folks hoped it would be, but it finally gives us a decent replacement for aging SMS standards. We didn’t have to worry about the carriers botching it, either, thanks to Google. But, one iMessage-like feature for RCS “Chats” in Google Messages has just been spotted in the wild: Emoji Reactions.

We knew that based on earlier teardowns this feature was being worked on, but we did not know whether or when the feature would finally arrive. A few posts on Reddit, however, suggest that the feature is beginning to be tested, with two people reporting that they see reactions live in their RCS/”chat “conversations with Google Messages.


Notably, if someone with accessible RCS reactions sends one to someone who has RCS but not reactions, a simple fallback text is sent that explains which emoji has been used to respond to a specific message. Oddly enough, these fallback messages can only be sent via RCS and will not be sent to your SMS contacts.

With us expecting much of the previously awaited news to land in the coming days and weeks during Google I / O, I think there are very good chances that we’ll hear more about this feature coming soon from Google.

Source: Reddit