SlimPDF Reader 2.0: Sleek, Lightweight & Fast!

There are a lot of PDF Readers available on the Internet, but SlimPDF Reader is the lightest among all of them. But here is the catch, along with being the smallest PDF Reader it also packs a lot of features that a normal person requires.

SlimPDF Reader is the smallest desktop PDF reader in the world, at just 1.43 MB, according to its developer. It is certainly much smaller than the industry standard Adobe Reader, and it also runs much faster-suitable for basic tasks. SlimPDF Reader navigation is simple and easy, and its tiny size means it makes frugal use of your machine resources. Its most advanced features are the ability to search for printing and rotating PDFs, but sometimes all you need is this.

The Software has a clean and user-friendly design language. There are no noisy toolbars or distracting icons – only a beautifully selected collection of tools designed to make it easier for you to read documents. There is a search tool to locate terms and phrases, a collection of tools for magnification, quick navigation and page rotation. That’s pretty much it-and that’s normally all you need.

They also have a Dark Theme included that makes it easy on the eyes at night.

The software also includes a full range of advanced and customizable annotation tools and Instant interactive PDF form filling and signature verification.

A few of the options seen in the menus of SlimPDF (such as converting PDFs to editable Word or PowerPoint documents) are accessible only when you download additional software.

You can visit their website to download the software and give it a go.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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