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The 5 Secret Tips to Finding the Best Deals Online


There are plenty of products out there guarded by enormous price tags. Not great, especially when every store seems to be closed, meaning we’re missing out on any potential in-store deals.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money online—secret techniques, as I like to call them. With these, you can save hundreds of dollars, so be sure to pay attention!

1. A Third-Party Plugin

Third party plugins such as Honey or Groupon show you the best deals currently going on in real-time. For example, Honey will show you the best prices for the latest Nintendo Switch release before you check out, potentially saving you a few bucks. Installing one is a quick and easy process that serves to help you in the long run.

2. A VPN

Ever wonder why certain products cost more in different areas, or why flights cost more depending on the origin and destination? It’s price discrimination, the act of charging more to certain demographics. You’ve probably experienced it once or twice without even knowing it. To avoid price discrimination, you can use a VPN.

A VPN hides your IP address, keeping companies and websites from knowing your true location. This also means you can trick the website into believing you’re in another country entirely, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars; one VPN download can save you tons of money, so be sure to look into one.

3. Rebates

Certain websites like to hand rebates like crazy. The reason why? Not many people complete the respective rebate forms, meaning the website/company doesn’t need to worry about losing that much money.

If you’re ordering from those websites, be sure to complete the rebates. After all, why not get back some extra money?

4. Loyalty Clubs

Many companies advertise loyalty clubs as a way for long-time customers to save some money. If you’re one of those customers, there’s no reason for you to not sign up, as you’ll be able to save money and even build up points, which can be used to save you money on your next purchase.

5. Cash Back

Prices tend to fluctuate weekly, so apps like Paribus make sure you didn’t spend more than you needed to. If you spent $40 on a shirt days before it went on sale for $25, Paribus will let you know.