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Learn with peace at home with AR in Google Search


Google implements wonderous things in their search to be honest. If you don’t know what the heck is actually in Google Search so interesting, then my friend you really haven’t got into that depth. The Google Search on mobile as of now, can let you play Pacman as well! And now, you can learn using AR in Google Search!

AR is cool. I mean Super Cool! Bringing 3D to life, although not like those in Sci-Fi movies, is really cool! Just point your device (compatible only) in any direction, and play with AR anytime.

Anyways back to the topic. Google Search now has AR built in so that you can study from home with ease, using the 3D contents from your phone directly.

Google Search – Human Anatomy.

Human Anatomy is fun. Learning about different body organs is interesting. For me, slightly, but for others yes. Anyways, you can learn about Human Anatomy in Search easily. Google recently partnered with BioDigital to bring you this feature on Mobile.

Just search “Circulatory System” and tap View in 3D. And Voila!

A Microscopic world!

Want to learn about those tini tiny micro-organisms? Well, Google got your back! Partnered with Visible Body, Google now let you see those lovely micro-organisms right on your phone without any microscope!
Search for Mitochondria, and tap on view 3D!

Visit a museum right at home!

Wanted to visit a museum, but cannot due to the lockdown in your country? Worry not! Search for Neil Armstrong, and tap on View 3D. This is all thanks to Google’s Art and Culture and Smithsonian Museum, just turn your home into museum!

Google Search – Record and share.

Just when you are done with the amazing study, you can share whatever you studied now! Just tap on the record button and share it on your social media with ease!

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Source: Google Blog

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