Google’s Pixel Buds will receive “Feature Drops” update

Google, Pixel

Newly released Google’s Pixel Buds 2 will get feature drop updates similar to the last two released for Pixels, according to a Forbes article. There is no detail yet on what kind of features we can look forward to and no schedule has been provided for those updates.

Google reported that it plans to launch Feature Drops for its new wireless headphones Pixel Buds, in the future. Those drops would be separate from Pixel phones that tend to be about every 3 months. A representative from Google said: “The goal will be to continue adding new useful features over time, just as we do with Pixel phones.”

The company did not provide any details on what will be included in the first “feature drop” update for the Pixel Buds. If the “feature drops” updates for Pixel Buds will include even just a fraction of what similar Pixel phone updates have added.