Google Meet now available for free for everyone.

Since the pandemic began, people started locking themselves inside their home. This ultimately affected the studies, jobs, etc. Several people adopted the online classes methods for teaching students on a video conference calls. For the same, Zoom made more than a million of users within a week or a month of the beginning of pandemic. However, the security issues of Zoom made other tech giants to make their own solution for a secure video conference. Google Meet is one of them. Initially available for those using GSuite, Google has now made it free for all of the users around the world.

In a blog post today, Google announced that they are making the Google Meet, previously known as Hangout Meet free for everyone. Before now, the Meet app used to come bundled with GSuite users, so yes you had to pay for using this app.

Meet focuses majorly on security. Since January, Meet saw a 30x increase in the usage of the app.

With Google Meet:

  1. You get to control who can join your conference and who are not.
  2. If you don’t have a Google Account, sorry you aren’t allowed to join, hence no anonymity allowed.
  3. Brute-Force attacks are the things of past, thanks to the complex Conference codes.
  4. Just Browser, no installation required.
  5. Dedicated Mobile App on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.
  6. No data used for advertisement. Not at all!

Requirements to use Google Meet.

First of all, a free account. However, only Google accounts are supported. To join Meet, you need to sign up on, and sign up, in case you don’t have. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one for free in a minute or two.

For free, however, you can do a total of 60 minutes of meetings. But till the September 30th, this is limitation is removed completely. This is available for individual users.

For Groups and Teams.

If you are a part of a group or a team, worry not, you also get Meet free for use till September 30th. You will get the free 60 minute limitations after the date. However, Google is launching the GSuite Essentials for you guys to take full benefits of Meet’s premium features.

Till September 30th, again, you will get GSuite Essential, for free, of course!

For big organizations and business

If you are a part of a bigger organization or business, and uses the Gsuite, congratulations, you got access to Meet for free already. Only ask your admin to activate Meet for you.

Here are three things that will be available for Gsuite users even after September 30th:

  1. Access to the advanced features. Livestream to up to 100,000 users in your own domain.
  2. Free additional Meet licenses with no changes to the existing ones.
  3. Free Essentials suite for Enterprise customers.

Google Meet for Education.

Meet is available for Gsuite for Education pack. This allows to connect more than 120 million students with their teachers, all around the world. If your school uses Gsuite, ask administrator to activate Meet for no additional costs. If not using a pack, sign up here for getting the Education Pack.

Source: Google Blog

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