[How To] Enable Dark Web Contents on Google Chrome.

Google pushed the Dark UI on almost of its products already, starting the rollout of Android 10. Although, Google did its part of protecting user’s eyes, many websites are still not switching to the Dark Web pages. But here is a simple workaround to turn on Dark Web Contents on Google Chrome, be its mobile, desktop or Mac.

Well, Dark Mode is good for you, if you use it at times like bedtime. But the thing is, not many of the websites have content in dark mode. So here is how you can activate it manually, or say, forcefully for every website. However, do note, many things that are static over the website will remain in their original colors, for example, a black logo. However, you can select inversion of colors under options.

Enable Dark Content on Google Chrome.

First, head to your address bar, and type chrome://flags/, or tap here itself, to open the Flags section in the Chrome. Do note, most of these flags are experimental, so enabling anything without any understanding can lead to an unusable browser.

Your Address Bar

Now when you head to the flags, you will see something like as below:

Search for #enable-force-dark in the search bar, which I have already activated previously. Select Activate.

There are several options here, experiment and select which one you want to use, as it all up to your preferences.

Now, all you have to do is restart/relaunch your browser. And you are done! Enjoy dark mode all over the web, well, with almost limited things to not rendering properly.

However, enabling dark contents will not affect any of the core browser UI.

The Forced Dark Web Content is available in the newer Google Chrome versions as follows:

  1. macOS: v81.0.4044.122
  2. Linux: v81.0.4044.122
  3. Windows: v81.0.4044.122
  4. Android: v81.0.4044.117
  5. iOS: v81.0.4044.124

If you do not have the above version, please update your Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux or Android or iOS.

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