Telegram to add secure group video calls.

After people stopped using Zoom for secure video calls, many other companies are trying to implement the same. Zoom is popular to host multiple users at once for group video conference. However, thanks to its insecure backend, it has been criticized a lot lately. In the wake of this path, Telegram is also implementing the group video call this year.

In a recent post, Telegram announced that they have reached 400 million monthly users in a span of two years. Which is actually a big achievement for the company. Although, they said they can either bring usability or security, but it seems they can bring both at once.

In the beginning of this month, Zoom faced several criticisms over their so-called end-to-end encryption. Due to this, uninvited users used to gain access to the chatroom, making it easy to tap into the videos undetected.

However, Telegram also have its own shares of criticism, but that is the talk of a different day.

Alongside, Telegram also announced its share of new features to launch, today. You can read about them on their official blog.

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