Youtube now supports Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex Mode.

The problem with foldable smartphones is the usage of several apps like YouTube. These apps don’t work on these smartphones because of their form factors. For example, the Galaxy Z Flip, which is one of the best, not an excellent, foldable smartphone in the market. However, the Youtube app on the smartphone never utilized the flexible smartphone’s viewable area. But in a recent update, this is going to change.

The new Youtube update will take advantage of the “Flex Mode” on Z Flip. Thanks to Samsung’s R&D, the new hinge on the smartphone allows it to sit on the desk just like a laptop. However, this is what most apps fail to take advantage of.

Youtube will now place the video on the upper half of the display, with the other elements on the bottom half of the display. This includes the title, comments, Likes, etc.

With Galaxy Z Flip’s unique folding system, you can set your Galaxy Z Flip on the table and watch your favorite YouTube channel hands-free. And now, this hands-free experience is taken up to the next level with Flex mode compatibility. When you enjoy YouTube with your Galaxy Z Flip hands-free, the display evenly splits into two 4-inch screens. While watching a video on the top half of the display, you can use the bottom half to search for other videos, read descriptions and write comments with no distractions.

Source: 9to5Google

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