OnePlus 8 is reaching to its customers, one week before the date.

Several people, who pre-ordered their OnePlus 8 smartphone are receiving it today. That too a week before the official Open Sales which will begin on April 29th.

In general practice, flagship-grade smartphones are usually delivered two days before the date of the general sale. However, a few numbers of people have already got their OnePlus 8 as of now.

Several users are reporting this incident in the OnePlus Community. In a reddit post, a user showcases hisn new OnePlus 8 Pro along with the free Wireless Dock, and the Bullets Wireless Z headphones.

Although others are not even getting their tracking numbers, but many of the OnePlus community members have received theirs.

If you want to get tyour device soon, just pre-order one! May be you are one of the lucky ones to receive their orders before the official date?

Source: Android Authority via Reddit

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