Apple iPhone SE 2020 is now available for pre-orders

Apple has launched it’s latest handset, the iPhone SE (Second Generation) on April 15. The iPhone SE comes with a 4.7inch screen, Touch ID and the latest A13 Bionic Chip. The device is basically an iPhone 11 crammed into an iPhone 8’s body.

You had to shell out at least $699 for an iPhone 11 before today to get the A13 Bionic, which was the cheapest handset to put the chip on. But the iPhone SE dramatically changes the game.

Check out our review here for a thorough rundown of what kind of value the iPhone SE offers, and who will buy it. But the short version of it is that the iPhone SE has the same basic specs as the iPhone 11 — Bionic chip A13 and storage of 64/128/256 GB — and each model costs four hundred bucks less.

The new iPhone SE 2’s base model has 64 GB of storage, and costs $399. Apple also offers step-up models with more storage, including a 128 GB storage model that costs $449 and another one that tops out for $549 at 256 GB capacity.

You can now pre-order it from Apple’s official website.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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