5 Tips to Create a Beautiful and Timeless Logo for Your Tech Startup

If you are about to embark on the exiting journey of launching a tech startup you have probably given your business model and execution plan a lot of thought. Rightfully so, focusing on ironing out your business plan should be your main focus at this stage. Something that often gets overlooked during this phase is the company logo and branding strategy however. Entrepreneurs typically spend a lot of time thinking about their business name but then quickly execute a logo before moving on to the next task. To avoid having to rebrand your business down the line because your logo doesn’t resonate with your core demographic take some time to do it right the first time. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to create a beautiful and timeless logo for your tech startup.




The color scheme chosen for your logo is one of the most important aspects when it comes to branding. Different colors convey different messages. Instead of simply going with your favourite color learn what each color’s meaning is and align it with what your company stands for. It’s not only which colors you choose but how many. As a rule of thumb you should avoid implementing more than three colors. Adhering to this design principle will also make it easier to incorporate those color accents across your other brand assets like business cards, pitch decks, flyers, etc.




When it comes to fonts entrepreneurs often don’t think about font pairing, letter spacing and sizing. Similar to color, different fonts tell different stories. There are countless fonts to choose from so take your time with this decision. Once you find a font you love try different letter spacing and sizing. Pairing fonts successfully requires the eye of an experienced graphic designer. It’s best to stick to one font only. If you are incorporating a slogan it’s ok to incorporate a second font but you generally don’t want to exceed more than two fonts in a logo.


Keep Your Logo Graphic Simple


If your logo isn’t just text based you need to give your graphic selection some careful consideration as well. There are instances where your logo graphic will be the only visual representation for your entire business, whether it’s in the form of a favicon or app icon. When it comes to graphics less is more. If you look at Fortune 500 companies you’ll notice that most of their graphics are very simple and composed of clean lines. This isn’t an accident. A simple graphic is more memorable and also holds up better when increased or reduced in scale. To see what your business name would like with different graphics try a free tool like the GraphicSprings Logo Maker

Try to Avoid Effects


New design trends come and go. Remember when all of the web-based startups used the reflection effect underneath their graphics? Or what about the phases where trendy logos all contained heavy use of gradient? When you design your logo you want to go for classic and timeless otherwise you might be forced to rebrand a few years down the line. Incorporating trendy design techniques can date your logo quickly so it’s best to avoid it.


Do a Quick Usability Test


Once you have landed on a logo concept you like it’s time to do a quick usability test.


  1. Eliminate all colors and create a black and white version
  2. Increase and decrease your logo to test the extremes when it comes to scale
  3. Look at your logo on different devices, mobile, tablet, desktop
  4. Print your logo on different types of material


If your logo still looks good in all of those scenarios you have a winner on your hands. Congratulants!




If you don’t have a design background branding can be a bit intimidating. Whether you are hiring a graphic designer or using a DIY solution to create your own logo keep the tips above in mind. A simple logo with clean lines, limited colors and effects will be more memorable and timeless than a busy concept.


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