T-mobile/Sprint merger is finally happening

It all started in 2014 when Sprint tried to marge with T-Mobile as the controlling company. But the merger did not take place as Sprint thought the U.S. government will not approve the merger fearing antitrust. Again in 2018 T-Mobile officially declared its plan to merge with Sprint. While the merger was supposed to be done by the end of 2019, it did not work out last year. Even though the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission approved the merger, a bunch of state attorneys filed a lawsuit to prevent the merger. In February 2020, a federal judge ruled against those attorneys and thereby allowing the merger to take place.

A few hours back T-Mobile released its press release where they announced the closing of the merger with Sprint. It has cost them $26 billion and the company will be known as T-mobile. Alongside the merger, T-Mobile CEO John Legere will leave his role as CEO and Mike Sievert will take over that position.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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