Ulefone Note 7 Features and Review

If your interest goes about gadgets and technology, you must be picky of the specs you want to buy or use. Let me introduce a device that will impress you not just with its specs but also with its price that makes the unit more attractive. This is the new release of Ulefone, the Ulefone Note 7. Let us proceed with Ulefone Note 7 Features and Review that you surely await to see.


About the Company

Ulefone company manufactures its best quality of devices at a meager price. This company is well known to be a prominent distributor of good quality of mobile phones in China. Aside from that. Ulefone assures that they give the best customer assistance they can provide.

Now, read the details of Ulefone Note 7 and its high-value components you might regret to miss. With these details, you can have a compact decision to purchase this device.


RAM and Internal Storage

RAM and Internal Storage are essential factors aside from its processor that you must observe. This will determine if your device can run at a reasonable speed even if you contain several applications like Facebook, WhatsApp APK, LoL, or Mobile Legends. With this matter, Ulefone Note 7 is in the standard rate when talking about RAM and Internal Storage. This contains a RAM of 1GB, and it can support the external memory up to 128GB. Critics of smartphones find this a unique aspect of a mobile device.


Hardware Processor

In comparison with other mobile devices, Ulefone Note 7 has an average rate of the processor, which is 1.3GHz quad-core and MT658 Chipset. With its price, this is quite better, but you must not expect an excellent speed knowing its value.


The functions for Ulefone Note 7 category is at the average level. These are FM Radio, GLONASS, and GPS.

Sim Cards

Ulefone Note 7 is on its latest form of facility when it comes to sim slots. This has a Micro sim slot and a nano sim card slot. Ulefone is resting assured in the standard feature of modern smartphones with this category.


The screen display of Ulefone Note 7 is impressive with its size of 6.1 inch HD. This is perfect for watching movies and video streaming. It has a high pixel of 277 PPI. And the screen is 1280×600 pixels. This will enable the device to display images clearly and sharply. You can also see a vibrant color presentation of your photos.



Ulefone’s Battery is built-in with 3500 mAh Lithium-Ion. This is such a bold step taken by the company of Ulefone.

Operating System

The Operating System of a mobile device is vital when you talk about the speed of its software. With Ulefone Note 7, it uses the latest Android OS. Thinking about its price and the stored operating system, this is one of the kind to consider.



Who would not give importance to the quality of the camera when having a smartphone? Everyone must consider it for your own purposes. Well, the good news is, Ulefone Note 7 has a triple rear camera, which is 8MP rear camera, and 2MP for the 2nd and 3rd lens. This will be useful for anyone who will luckily purchase Ulefone Note 7. Not just that! It also has a touch focus for the camera as one for its features.


Ulefone Note 7 is available at the price of only $69. This factor is a shoot to two targets as you can purchase a good quality smartphone at a low price at the same time.


Possible Problems You May Encounter

This is only bugs in Android due to its minor issues. The same situation with Ulefone Note 7. This must not affect your decision to purchase Ulefone Note 7, for these are just the common problems of this device that we want you to be aware of prior to your purchase.

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • SIM/Network problems
  • Camera related issues (blurred images)
  • Applications not working properly
  • Screen not working
  • Overheating problem
  • Slow charging
  • Slow performance
  • Earpiece sounds robotic


Final Verdict

Ulefone Company has innovated such a good smartphone with its satisfying price. Ulefone Note 7 also has a waterdrop display and three rear cameras, which is very useful to everyone. Until now, Ulefone Note 7 contains the best reviews among smartphones with the same level of specifications and price.

Are you now convinced to avail Ulefone Note 7? Let us know what bothers you so we can help you. Drop your message in our comment box and wait for our immediate response.




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