Google Play Points to launch in India soon.

If you use an Android smartphone, most probably you have received a notification when opening Play Store. If not, then let me tell you, Google is planning to launch Play Points in India, very soon.

Don’t know what Play Points are, then not a big deal, as the services are pretty recent. The Google Play Points program gifts you points on every purchase on Play Store, be its music, apps, music or even in-app purchases. You get points for every order, with minimum purchases of $1. After that, you can get as many points as long as you buy stuff from Play Store.

You can also get 4x points on special events. If you try featured apps and games, you will get bonus points as well. Use these points you earned for purchasing stuff from the Play Store. Or redeem points for those fancy Unknown Cash on PUBG Mobile. Yes, the points can be redeemed for in-app purchases.

The more you spend, the more points you get, the more the level you cross. There are four different levels in the Play Points. Each of them provides benefits like more points, and on higher levels, you get some bonus points as high as 500 points every week.

As of now, the service has just shown up in the Play Store. If you tap on the Play Points on the side drawer and hit Join, you will face an error. And if you go the link provided in the error, you have nothing to do, as you already have the same Address country in Google Pay site, and Play Store Account. This is, however, only for India, as the US has this feature already working.

Source: Google Play Points

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