Did you forget the password of your Android Phone? Here is how you can access it again.


There might be a chance that you came across this article because your Android Device is locked and you forgot the password. Did you just completely lose access to your device? Is there no way that you can open your device again? No! In this article, we will guide you on how you can unlock your device again.

You will be needing one software to get started with- iMyFone LockWiper

This how the software can help you out,

  • You can bypass your phone’s lock, be it a pattern, password, pin or even your face. The software can easily help you get past the lock and let you regain access to your device
  • If you are locked out of your device and you decide to hard reset your device. But when your phone boots again you are welcomed with Google’s Authentication. But using iMyFone’s LockWiper you can easily unlock the FRP / delete authentication of Google’s account without password

With iMyFone there is support for more than 6000+ devices which includes devices running the latest Android Version 10.0, so you won’t have to worry for the most part if your device is in their list.

Once you download the software, everything is just a few clicks away.

You are presented with two options:

  • Remove Google Lock (FRP): Factory Reset Protection is designed to prevent anyone from accessing your Android device after it has been reset. But you can use iMyFone LockWipe’s FRP unlock to bypass Google security from your Samsung phones or tablets!

  • Remove Screen Lock: Using the software you should not worry about getting locked out of your device. You can easily bypass the lock using it and if you have a Samsung Device you won’t lose any data too!

Once you choose the option of Removing Screen Lock,

Step 1: Choose if you have a Samsung Device or any other device. If you own any Android Device other than Samsung then you will lose your data in the process, but in case you have a Samsung Device you are in the lucky side.

Step 2: If you choose the option of the non-Samsung device then you will be presented with the warning. Then you can click the start button which will check for the connected device and begin with the process.

Step 3: If you choose the option of a Samsung device, you can just start with the process and relax while the software does all the work in the background.

Once the process is completed you will be greeted with the “Unlocked Successfully” message.

This software totally solves your problem of running to the Service Centre to get your phone unlocked. You can just do it sitting at home using iMyFone LockWiper.

The best part of the software is that it is completely clean with no extra mess that affects the work it is supposed to do. It is also highly rated by a lot of other websites with a huge success rate and once get the software you get free technical support. They also have a section on their website with FAQs and Solutions that you might be looking for.

And for the iOS users, you don’t need to worry too! They also have a version of the software that helps you out from the same situation as their Android version.

The software is paid, of-course nothing great comes for free! But trust us when we say that it is worth the money. If you run to the service centre you might have to pay the same or more as what they ask for the software. So you can get the software for yourself to save both money and time. You can choose the plan which suits you the best. With the free version of the software, you can take a look at how the software works but you will need to buy it in order to get the full functionality.

As a bonus, we are providing you with 2 Coupon Codes so that you get a discount when you purchase the software:

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iMyFone is the saviour when it comes to you getting locked out of your own device!