Google Plans To Release New Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV.

Google is planning to release, a second-generation new Chromecast Ultra this year based on Android TV. No, differences between the firstly released Chromecast and recently, released Chromecast. But there is one, major change in Hardware.

This device is named as “sabrina”, device supports 4K HDR content, and has Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. And there is a external device available with it, which is used to control the device.

The remote has a microphone and a dedicated, Google Assistant button for controlling your content. You can control, your content with your voice also, the remote will be programmable to your TV.

The device resembles the 3rd generation Chromecast that, Google has been selling since 2018. Coming with a softer, rounder finish, the typical ā€œGā€ logo, and HDMI connector.

The device will give users access to apps such as YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more. The further coming second-generation Chromecast Ultra, based on Android Tv, with an included remote.

The price of this, Chromecast Ultra is not yet finalized, and not yet released. But there is no event to be conducted because, of coronavirus.




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