Apple Music integration is now available for Shazam on Android

With the new update, Android users can now pick Apple Music as a choice when discovering a song using the app. Earlier, it could only connect to the Spotify app to move your playlists, but not to the Apple streaming app itself. As Shazam has added the option (currently in beta) to connect your Apple Music account to a similar cross-app integration, that’s changing now.


Via: AndroidPolice

As reported by Android Police, so far Shazam has only been able to connect to the Spotify app on Android, allowing users to open recognized songs in the service and even add them to their playlists.

The functionality of Apple Music does not currently support adding songs that you find directly to your Apple Music playlists but it will fully support opening and downloading songs that you find using the app.

The update which brings this feature is now live in Play Store.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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