Android 11 will have rear panel gestures for launching Camera and other things.

Just two days back, Google launched the next major Android update in Developer Preview, the Android 11. Although the Android 11 packs most feature under-the-hood right now, it seems Google is testing some other features. All thanks to XDA for taking the pain and letting us know what exactly Google is trying in this new OS.

Google is currently focusing on easy gestures around the Android. With the Android 9, it came out with the pill-shaped navigation button. With Android 10 we saw some gestures “researched” by Google and implementing them on Android. This time, on Android 11, we are going to see some more useful gestures. Do note, these gestures might only be available for Pixel hardware, because why not? Google also wants to earn some profit 🤷‍♂️

The gesture system is codenamed Columbus. XDA has gone with the pain to find out all the gestures in the hidden code.

The list goes like this:

  1. Dismiss Timer,
  2. Launch Camera,
  3. Launch Google Assistant,
  4. Play/Pause media,
  5. Collapse Status Bar,
  6. Silence Incoming Calls,
  7. SnoozeAlarm,
  8. Unpin Notifications,
  9. Perform a ‘User Selected Action’

To make sure gestures don’t get ‘multiplied’, Google has incorporated flags to cancel out any double gesture.

Also, do note that these features may not come for the older Pixel.

For these Gestures demo, you can head to XDA.

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