Galaxy Z Flip sold out in the USA like hotcakes!

Oh boy! Samsung is again making sales records now. The recently launched Galaxy Z Flip has been selling like hot cakes in the USA. This is eventually resulting in an “out of stock” situation!

Galaxy Z Flip was launched alongside the Galaxy S20 series on February 11th. Not only the USA, in fact, South Korea is also facing such an issue. Within 30 minutes from the beginning of the sale, the smartphone was out of stock. In comparison to last year’s galaxy Fold, the Z Flip was sold around 20,000 units on the same day of the sale.

There are several reasons why Z Flip is going out of stock. Last year’s Galaxy Fold started at a price tag of $2,000 and was quite a huge smartphone for many users. In comparison, the Z Flip is smaller in size and has a price tag less than the Fold, that is, $1,379 only.

If you are trying to buy one right now, you will be out of luck. However, you can try a few days later from AT&T & Sprint. The Unlocked variant will be available on Samsung Website.

Source: Android Authority

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