Galaxy S20 deals and offers are with good trade-in values.

With the latest Galaxy S20 launched, Samsung has started giving trade-in offers to other smartphone owners. These trade-offs can get you a Galaxy S20 for as low as $300 only! That can save you enough bucks for the entire month.

Be it a Pixel 4, or an iPhone, Samsung has got you covered. However, the list of tradable devices this year is less than the last year.

Fo their own Note 10/Note10 Plus, you will get a high trade-in value of up to $700. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10/S10+ will get you up to $600. The Lowest galaxy S10e will get you only $300, which also includes smartphones like S9 series, and the Note 9. The next in the line is the Galaxy S8 series, the S7 series and Note 8, which will get you only $200 of trade-in credits.

Not just their own, Samsung is also targeting users from the Apple community and the Pixel community. Bringing a Pixel in will get you $600 credits for the Pixel4/4XL. The Pixel 3/3XL will bring you $300, whereas the budget-centric Pixel 3/3a XL will bring $200 of the trade-in value.

The iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max will get you a straight $700 of trade-in credits, whereas the base variant, the iPhone 11 will get you $600 only, which also includes the XS and XS Max. The XR, alongside the iPhone 8/8 Plus will bring you $300. On the other hand, You will get a $200 trade-in value for iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6S/ 6S Plus.

Galaxy S20 – Other offers.

Best Buy is giving a bit more trade-in value credits on your smartphone. this can go as high as $850. Best Buy will sell both carrier and Unlocked variant. The entire S20 line-up will be up for sale. For more details, head to Best Buy.

On AT&T, you will have to pay the full price, however with their flexible monthly installments, you might own one of the Galaxy S20 for as low as $33 a month. The base model will cost you $33.34/mo, whereas the S20+ will go up for $40/mo, and the S20 Ultra will go high up for $46.67/mo. These plans will go for 30months straight. The Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will work on the sub-6GHz band whereas the S20 Ultra will work on both the Sub-6GHz band and mmWav 5G+ network. If a customer ports a line to AT&T Unlimited Elite or Unlimited Extra plan they will get a free S20 5G or an S20+ for $200 extra or buying on an installment plan or trade-in their device.

On T-Mobile, prices can be a bit on the higher side with the installments. You have to pay $41.67/mo for S20, $50/mo for S20+ and $58.34/mo for the Ultra. These plans stretch to 24Months. The pre-orders will begin on Feb 20th and shipping will start on March 6th.

Sprint will sell all the three devices but has not revealed the pricing of any of the devices.

On Verizon, the stocks will be available at the physical stores for the March Launch. Whereas the pre-orders will go up on February 21st. There are n discounts, however, you can buy the smartphone with installments. The Galaxy S20 will cost $41.66/mo, the Galaxy S20+ will cost $49.99/mo, whereas the S20 Ultra will be available for $58.33/mo. There is also a $200 credit if you pre-order a Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra on February 21st.

Source: Android Police

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