Facebook for Android hints dark mode in a recent beta update.

It seems that Facebook is experimenting with the dark mode for the Android app in beta. Do note that the dark mode is still in early phase and too far from complete. This may cause some viewing and UX issues, so before trying out the beta, do note the issues beforehand.

Also, this was found in the beta app version –, which has been updated to a newer variant today itself. It seems Facebook is keeping this feature secret before it gets completed.

Anyways, back to the topic. I was browsing Facebook for Android way back home, but found this weird comment section with white Likes sections and rest in dark grayish-black color which directly hints that the feature is experimental as of now. Not only that, after I exit the comment section, the header turned black.

Weird, Isn’t it?

After that, I kept on browsing, and switched to the Friend Request, and guess what? It had the same color with a weird white header.

See, the upper Chip’s text is invisible.

And then I moved to the Notifications, and I regretted that decision instantly. The Notification section was completely weird to look at. Just have a look.

That seriously looks weird asf!

And then came the Misc. Section and this is how it looked at that time.

Far from complete…

And back to the News Feed (T_T).

Just not right, as of now!

These images show that the app is being tested with Dark Mode, and may release sometime in the future. However, this might be a bug, but it is sure that Dark Mode is coming soon on Facebook for Android.

Slight traces in the current update for Facebook for Android as well.

This occurred in the not-so-previous version. Also, I have noticed the dark color in Misc (three horizontal bars; the menu icon) > Settings & Privacy. You will get a hint of the dark mode in the Drop Down.

The current version is – This update is available in the Beta version only. And as of now, the Beta Program is full.

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