Checklist for firewall auditing that you cannot miss in 2020

  • Firewall auditing becomes important under the scenarios of increasing network threats. Keeping your internal system safe from the external attacks are becoming important. Moreover, the frequency of network breaches has been increasing that can result in loss of data. This is why firewall auditing has become necessary. 

A firewall is the set of protocols that determine the interaction of the internal system with the external world. It prevents any form of activities that are not according to the rule or set of protocols, as prescribed. To audit the firewall, it is important to build a checklist of the activities that need to be done.  

In this article, we shall discuss the auditing of the firewall. We shall also cover a few aspects of the breach of firewall too. 


Why is firewall auditing important?

Ports are used to connect the system to the external world.  Specifically, not all the ports are put into use. The ports that are not put into use are protected by the firewalls. The open ports invite malicious activities on your device, thus raiding your internal device. Keeping your system free from trojans, malware, and spyware is very important. You need to understand that such attacks can completely destroy your system, within minutes after purchasing.

Often firewalls protect the system from the incoming traffic. Yet, there is various confidential information on your systems. Do these firewalls protect the outgoing traffic? Most of the firewalls protect the incoming but few like Zone Alarm are efficient in preventing the outgoing traffic too, which are suspicious. 

To keep a tab on the firewall health, firewall auditing becomes an integral part of your system. A data breach can lead to complete failures and fatal mistakes, which is why this becomes important. 


Checklist for firewall auditing

You need to follow a certain checklist of activities for auditing of the firewall. Preparing the checklist followed by the gathering of information needed for auditing is important. Have the information about the network settings, as well as know about the ISP and VPN networks. Details about the vendor information of the firewall become an important part of the checklist. 

Making a checklist to manage the change, such that continuous analysis of the steps of the change is done, is vital. Review of the process and authorization of the same become vital. Making a checklist for the security of the firewall and the operating system becomes the next step. Follow it up with the optimization of the protocols and the rules and risk assessment tests, by inculcating the best industrial practices. 

The final step in the firewall auditing checklist is the proper documentation of the records. In still automation and create a workflow that ensures a free flow of the auditing activities. 

Auditing becomes an integral part since it looks after the maintenance of the firewall. Keeping it updated with the modern trends are important too, which is ensured by the auditing. You must install a firewall on your PC even though the router is fitted with one. Just an added layer for extra protection against attacks. 

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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