OnePlus to add a 120Hz display in 2020 smartphones.

The display refresh rate isn’t stopping anywhere. Till now we had used a simple 60Hz display panel, but somehow things changed last year. Several smartphone manufacturers started providing a higher refresh rate displays on their smartphones. This time OnePlus is going all 120Hz for its upcoming smartphones.

These displays are going to be AMOLED panels and are confirmed by Pete Lau in a forum post already. He confirms that all the upcoming smartphones from OnePlus are going to feature 120Hz AMOLED displays out of the box.

The displays will be manufactured by Samsung (Hint: Next flagship from Samsung is going to have 120Hz display). And with the smooth scrolling, animations, feedback, you will also get the brightest display with 1000nits.

Moreover, OnePlus will also calibrate the display of each and every smartphone produced, by adding an extra 30 seconds to the production time, making sure the display maintains its color accuracy.

You can head to their forums to know more.

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