Huawei might launch a smartphone with a triple flip camera

Recently, Huawei has become linked to an Asus design patent for a smartphone with a motorized module that allows its main cameras to flip upward for selfies over the screen. Now, the Chinese OEM may have added a third camera to the flip-up module for its next impression of ZenFone 6.

This paper, if it proves true, indicates that while designing it, Huawei also took into account one of the most novel Samsung Galaxy A80 attributes. The triple camera of this phone can also turn around to face the consumer in need, even though it uses a different method compared to the one in the latest suspected patent of Huawei.

The patented smartphone camera architecture of Huawei is similar to that of the Asus Zenphone 6, but instead of two, Huawei put three cameras. The camera on the proprietary smartphone will turn 180-degree, allowing you to use it as both your selfie and your rear camera. An ultra-wide camera is also included in the setup, ensuring you can take ultra-wide selfies.

While the concept is interesting, we don’t know if the proprietary device is going to materialize or not. But, if Huawei ever brings this to the market, it will certainly excite any tech enthusiast.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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