Windows 10 Mobile will be ‘killed’ next year.

Microsoft has postponed the ‘death day’ of the most unique mobile OS of history. The Windows 10 Mobile will be killed off the next year, on Jan 14, 2020. It was a memorable journey tbh.

My first Lumia & Windows Phone 8.

I got my first smartphone in the year 2013-14 ish when Nokia was still the owner of the Lumia brand. Man, that brand was superb. a cool looking UI, smooth operation, gorgeous animations, etc.

My first phone, smartphone, was the Lumia 525, a slightly upgraded version of Lumia 520. Before that, I used to rock aN Asha 311, which came with Symbian40OS, which was not actually a Symbian OS as seen in most of the Nokia smartphones. It was actually a JAVA based OS.

The difference between the two is the RAM. However, most of the specs were the same. a good old Snapdragon S4 Processor. The Lumia 525 has 1GB RAM, and I am telling you it was way better in performance than TouchWiz UI back then.

Windows Phone 8 was the best ever OS back then in my opinion. In fact, most Lumia owners would say that even today.

Then came the Windows Phone 8.1, a new, completely new OS upgrade.

Windows Phone 8.1 & My second Lumia

With the coming of Windows Phone 8.1, new features came, some good changes to UI and rest were the same. Then came the concept of GDR updates. I don’t recall it to be GDR, correct me if I am wrong. The GDR updates were actually the name of updates bringing new features and improvement to the OS.

It did come to my Lumia 525, but it wasn’t that good. Eventually, it was the last update to the Lumia 525. Yeah, the updates policy sucked those days.

However, it wasn’t done at that time. And then came the bang.

Nokia was sold off to Microsoft for $7.4 billion. And we were at the mercy of Microsoft. By the time all these things happened, Microsoft was already testing Windows 10 Mobile. Initially, they said that most Lumias will support it. However, things changed. Preview versions were good, worked perfectly fine on my 525. But then, after 2 previews, Microsoft decided to drop all old generation Lumias from getting upgrades.

And then, I decided to get a new Lumia. Microsoft launched the Lumia 640XL, the year it purchased the Nokia hardware division. and then, things began to degrade, pretty badly.

Windows 10 Mobile, fewer developers, low count of apps & conflicts.

Then Windows 10 Mobile came. Damn that UI was so lit. The fluent design was on its initial stage back then. Windows 10 Mobile came with pretty handy features like Cortana, It was launched side by side of the desktop version. So UWP was also pretty new, and this resulted in lower counts of apps.

Initially, devs weren’t ready to develop apps for Windows 10 mobile, because of its lower userbase. back then it only occupied somewhat 3% of the total market shares.

Popular apps like Chrome were still missing, and Google decided that they will not support the OS somehow. It was due to some conflicts between Microsoft and Google.

But with the upcoming updates, things started to break, at least for me. The phone started responding slowly. The camera was almost dead quality. No new Apps, Even facebook launched its apps later on as UWP, but they were garbage because they were somehow the ports of the Android/iOS version.

Yeah, back then Microsoft did release porting bridges for Both iOS and Android. but only a few of the apps were ported, and Android Bridge was later dropped in the next few weeks.

Since less number of apps started haunting the Windows 10 Mobile store, people started abandoning the platform. Even I did. I got my first Samsung smartphone back then with Android Marshmallow. It was the Galaxy J7 Prime. All this happened in the year 2016.

Since then, I have seen so much decline in the W10M platform. Even after a year, Microsoft called it a failed project and called off the development and production of new Lumias.

Death of Lumia – Windows 10 Mobile is next.

Lumia was officially dead. Now Microsoft kept on supporting Windows 10 Mobile till the Anniversary update. After that, Microsoft just gave up on it. Till now only cumulative updates came. This December the Windows 10 Mobile got its last update before December 10th, which was initially the original End Of Support date for the OS, but Microsoft delayed the date to January, 14th 2020.

And last year, My Lumia 640 XL died as well.

This was an interesting journey. We saw so many interesting smartphones. The camera beast – Lumia 1020, came with a Xeon flash and 41 MP Carl Zeiss optics, was considered a camera beast. It was also the successor of the good old Nokia PureView 808.

Lumia 1320, and Lumia 1520 were the first phablets. The Lumia 1520 was the flagship hardware back then. The Lumia 2520 was the first tablet with Windows RT OS.

With Windows 10, we saw the coming 950 and 950XL. but that was it.

I made some good techie friends back then, all thanks to Lumia. And yes, I am still in contact with them.

You were good. You will be remembered as a brave, fallen soldier, who fought with all its might till the end.

Bye Lumia and Windows 10 Mobile.

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