Pixel gets its first Feature Drop update


With the recent monthly updates that include Feature Drop, Google has introduced many new features on its Pixel smartphones. These features include better memory management and many others.

Google has finally pushed the first-ever Feature Drop on its Pixel. In its blog, Google mentions what new features are coming to the devices.

Here are some of them.

Important Pixel Feature Drop – Better Memory Management.

A new better caching algorithm has been used here so that the users feel no jitter and can use their favorite apps and games together. This will make sure that the memory gets cleared for more applications that generally need it.

Blur your ‘Background’

The new Feature Drop brings the feature of blurring the background of a photo after it has been captured. You can easily do this in the Google Photos app. And this isn’t applicable to the st photos, but also on the old phones as well!

Screen unknown callers.

This is a pretty handy feature to be true. Many times we receive a call which is either a robocall or from a pretty unknown number. This new feature is available with the Call Screen update, which will ship with the monthly update. And, if it’s not a robot, you will get a ringing after a few seconds with details. It doesn’t require any data.

Improved video calls on Duo

The Google Duo will now use the front-facing ultra-wide camera of the Pixel 4 to its benefits. When moving around, the Google Duo will focus on you, not the surroundings. Also, if a second person enters the room, or in the viewing angle of the camera, Google Duo automatically adjust the view with the Ultra-Wide camera.

Also, the Pixel 2,3 and 4 users can blur the background on the video call itself, so as to remove unnecessary stuff from the background. Also, if you have poor network reception, the machine learning makes sure to make the sloppiness of audio on the go.

Other Feature Drop for Pixel

In addition, there are more Features in the list. With new apps, there will be new apps for 2, 3 and 3a as well.

  1. Get the new Recorder app for the older Pixels.
  2. Live Caption is available for the Pixel 3 and 3a.
  3. get new Focus Mode in Digital Wellbeing. The Focus Mode just came out of the Beta mode.
  4. Flip to Shhh or Flip to Silent will also join Pixel 2 and 2XL.
  5. A Pixel 4 user in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and Singapore? You will get the new Google Assistant, in English, as of now.

Source: Google Blog

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