A Surface Book with swollen batteries, how & why?

Old batteries and electronics give up with the age. The same is happening with the Surface Book right now. This year, Microsoft didn’t come out with a new Surface Book, so users have to rely on the older hardware. At least, that is what we would expect, considering the fact that the hardware will go long for more days. But that is not the case here.

Many users are reporting that their Surface Book’s battery has swollen up. Even some say the display is peeling off as well! Swollen batteries do posses danger in one way to the other, but this is not it. The salt on the wound moment is that Microsoft is charging a freaking $600 for the battery replacement! 😑

And Microsoft has nothing to say but this:

Yes, the bulging on the screen is usually due to a swelling battery inside. If the device is still within 3 years from the date it was bought, Microsoft would offer a free replacement. We recommend that you contact support to check for options in getting the device replaced.

– Microsoft Support

Seriously, who would accept that? Many people are seeking legal ways to sue Microsoft! 🤷‍♂️

Anyways, if you find out something is wrong with your Surface Book, whether the screen is peeling out, or swollen battery, just head to Microsoft Store for the immediate assistance, because Lithium batteries explode when leakage occurs.

Source: The Windows Club

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