Prison Architect gets massive update and a new DLC.

Paradox Interactive’s Prison Architect has been a hit among players for quite a while now. This game revolves around handling and creating a prison for all kinds of prisoners.

Also note, that these updates are massive, though not in size, but in terms of features and bug fixes. But, the new DLC is worth the purchase, if you are a Prison Architect Fan.

The new free update is called The Sneezer. This new update brings the following:

New items

  • Windows can now be added to both sides of a vertical wall.
  • New Walls: Art Deco and Oriental.
  • Floors: Limestone, Grass n Stones, Sandstone, Lunar.
  • Objects: Sink, Hand dryer, Wall signs, Spooky and Sakura trees, Cactus, Park Bench, Moose Head, and more…
  • Doors: Guards Gates and Secret Bookcase Door.
  • Signs: Signposts rooms such as Canteens and Showers.
  • Grass Corner, to create angled pathways.

New Features

  • Multiple new dog types to choose from, before and during a game!
  • Option to choose the wall type for quick rooms.
  • Room (colored) overlays can now be turned off in Game Options.
  • Extra ‘Most Used’ item menu filter added.
  • Finally, BRIDGES are here! Lay them over roads, water, and other lands, for staff and prisoners to cross.
  • Rebalanced daily payments for higher-risk inmates. Max Sec, Protective Custody, Death Row, and Criminally Insane pay more.
  • Empty and occupied cells can be viewed in Logistics, via a new “Cell Status” button.
  • Extra prisoner action added to Bios: “Escort to Infirmary”
  • Search bar added to the Flooring menu.
  • Transferred prisoners are offered in Intake.
  • Unique Visitors Direction option added to Deployment.
  • Foundations can now be built with more wall types.
  • Fog of War can now be turned off mid-game, via the Map Settings menu.
  • Clone tool overhauled!! You can now rotate and flip, walls and objects now are shown, the clonable area can cover entire prisons! AND you can even clone between saves (BETA)! The construction speed has also been optimized.
  • Overhauled Planning!! Build your plans, add doors and choose wall type. The construction speed has also been optimized.
  • More new items, walls, and floors.
  • Improved Quick Rooms presentation, now showing where the walls will be built.
  • New Desert and Lunar Plot options when creating a new game.
  • Gravestones are supplied for every death in your prison.

A New DLC for Prison Architect!

That’s not all. Paradox Interactive also released a new DLC for the game as well. This new DLC is called Psych Ward: Warden Edition. As the name goes, the prisoners here will have insanity. And it is your job to create a secure prison with insane prisoners, and treat them and maintain them, or face the consequences from undermanaged prison!


  • Plead Insanity: Criminally insane inmates are unpredictable, require special care, and have their own Reputation traits for you to consider when building your prison. Let them co-exist with the general population or lock them away in a padded cell, how you manage their needs is up to you!
  • Shrinks: Any prison holding the criminally insane needs a team of Psychiatrists and trained Orderlies to keep everything under control. These valuable prison staff can sedate rowdy prisoners or pull out the straitjackets when things get too rough.
  • Doctor’s Note: Provide counseling to the criminally insane with the new Psychiatrist’s Office and new consultation Programs. Improve their sessions by upgrading the office with leather sofas, medicine cabinets, Rorschach tests, and more.
  • Good Behavior: Your inmates now have a wide range of new behaviors players will need to manage. They start out harmless, but if left untreated, they can turn violent or attempt to escape.
  • It’s Gone Viral: Treat your regular inmates with care. Subjecting your inmates to excessive suppression or punishment can cause them to turn criminally insane.
  • Extra Padding: Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition adds padded cells and padded floors along with a bundle of other new objects, floors, and wall types to customize your prison. Now you can easily build a dedicated wing for the criminally insane.
  • Tools of the Trade: Additional contraband, such as Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens (Shanks), and Gold Pocket Watches, can be stolen by your prisoners, or by you in Escape Mode.

The Sneezer update will be free to download as an update from Steam, however, the Pysch Ward: Warden Edition will cost you around $6 from Steam.

There is another DLC available for the game, You may consider to buy it as well. However, that costs around $4 only.

Bug fixes and Improvements.

The new Sneezer update brings a ton of bug fixes with new features along with them. You can read about the bug fixes on the Prison Architect Steam page.

Right now, if you wish to test the game before purchase, you have the only change. As of now, Steam is allowing you to play the entire game for free. That too for 3 days straight. However, after the free access ends, you can purchase the game, or wait for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to return.

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