Google Pixels will automatically screen calls and deny the robocalls

Add Your Post FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInReddit The number of robocalls and outright spam that rings your phone endlessly from unknown numbers is one of the most irritating aspects of owning a mobile phone these days. Google Phone 42 is training Google Assistant to automatically monitor incoming calls from unknown numbers to help counter such robocalls.

In their recent APK teardown, XDA Developers stumbled upon this information. When activated in the settings via a toggle, Google Assistant will automatically respond to calls from unknown numbers. Numbers flagged as known robocalls are declining silently without interruption. The assistant will use the in-house list of spam numbers from Google as a source for such information. On the other side, the unidentified telephone numbers ring a few moments later. Soon afterwards, a copy is automatically saved. However, this change does not affect the number saved in your contacts. You can still use a button to manually screen them, which is how it works right now.

Google added some time ago Call Screen transcripts, but automated scanning would include the ability to save monitored call recordings. You are also supposed to be able to configure what kind of numbers automatic screening cause. For example, numbers that are hidden or potentially spoofed. As with all of Google’s unannounced features, there is no indication when (or even if) this feature will launch.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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