Pixel 3a prices goes down by $100 as an early Black Friday deal

Google made its move, promising a wide range of discounts for Black Friday on many of its phones. It will deliver discounts from 22 November for those trying to get their hands on a new pixel.

Amazon has cut the Pixel 3a rate to $299 in the United States, saving you $100.

Google has announced in the UK that it discounts the Pixel 3a at £70, which means you can get the excellent camera phone for as little as £329. Typically retailing for £399, in this price bracket, the Pixel 3a has one of the best performing lenses.

Check out the deal here.

You also have Google’s energy behind your mobile with the Pixel 3a. For Google Photos, it means free, unrestricted high-quality image space. You can monitor calls, set reminders, check sports scores, or tell them to snap a photo while you’re smiling at the camera with access to Google Assistant. All of Google’s best apps are already built-in so you don’t have to search.

The Pixel 3a devices have an adaptive quick charging battery that can help you save power over time. It will also give you seven hours of use at a cost of 15 minutes. The Pixel 3a promises three years of OS and software updates, and the Titan M chip provides you with hardware-based password protection.


Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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