Export frames from your videos on Pixel 4


You captured a video, good long video, but you have that one particular scene that you wanted to capture as an image and share it. That happens with most of us anyways. However, if you own a Pixel 4, worry not. Now you can export that particular section of the video and share it as an image.

This new feature is alive right now on Pixel 4. First reported by 9to5Google, the Export Frames feature lets you export a single frame from the pre-recorded videos anytime. The two options available here are 2MP on 1920x1080p resolution or 8.2MP on 3840x2160p resolution.

Oh, and btw, we have one Pixel 4 XL and we have that feature as well.

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And, as per 9to5Google, you cannot get an exact HDR+ flavor of the image, however, using the Google Top Shot and Burst Video Mode, you can get one.

This may or may not come to the other OEM like Nokia or Samsung. But we don’t know!

Source: Inside the post, read the post again!

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