Google is planning to acquire Fitbit pretty soon.


Google has recently announced that they are going to acquire the wearable manufacturer giant, Fitbit.

The next time you buy a Fitbit, it might come with the latest Wear OS, the OS made by Google for wearables. And you know what? This will open many more features in the Fitbit smart bands. Initially known for targeting the Health-conscious people, there may be more chances that more and more people will buy them, completely regardless of primary usage.

As per Google, they have already entered into an agreement for acquiring the brand in the coming days.

Also, Google promises that it will make the wearable more feature-loaded after the deal. And above that, regarding the privacy of an individual, the firm clearly says that they will not sell any of the personal data to any firm. Also, Google promises to be transparent of data usage.

Source: Google Blog

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