Google Pay Now Supports Biometric Facial Recognition

BY : Amith Reddy


It’s a new update coming in Google Pay, with the brand new pixel 4. Now with this Biometric Facial Recognition, we can transfer our money just by facial recognition. Till now it is up to fingerprint scanner now it is easy to make payments with this feature in the newly released google pixel 4.

Google pay was recently updated on October 24 for supporting new facial recognition. This Android app updated with some other features for Google’s new biometric API which supports facial recognition to be secured while payments.

A new back-end language was created for using this biometric feature in pixel 4, for safe and secure payments. pixel 4 is the first android mobile with this Hardware which is so important while replacing fingerprint sensors to your face recognition sensors. this update from google pay is the first update that needs your biometric recognition, till now all updates came with using fingerprint or mostly google pay will access with your personal account details which are saved in your beloved mobiles.

while making a transfer using google pay to your friends or merchants, just look at the screen and it will recognize you and the transfer will be done. this biometric method is only for those apps which need facial recognition for logging in.

Google is looking to implement, support of the Biometric API in-app updates which are going out of November 1, 2019.

via: Android Central