Bring RCS ahead of your carrier using Google Messages

RCS or Rich Communication System is a new approach to tackle the iMessages by Google. What RCS does is it will convert the normal messaging to an Instant Messaging, just like WhatsApp, and will use mobile data or WiFi to send these messages. However, This is completely carrier dependent, I guess, till today. Because Google Messages Beta have this feature inbuilt, but you have to do some dirty work to enable it.

Pre-requisites for activating RCSĀ 

The list s not that long but requires two apps.

  1. Google Messages Beta, which you can join here. Or download the APK from APKMirror here
  2. Activity Launcher. Download it from here, or get from APKMirror here.

These two are required as of now. Just these two nothing else. TheActivity launcher is used to flip the inbuilt RCS switch on the Google Messages Beta. However, it is a must to get the latest Google Messages Beta.


Now to enable it, follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off the WiFi.
  2. Open the Activity Launcher.
  3. Tap the drop-down at the top of the screen, and select All Activities.

  4. Now select the Messages.
  5. Scroll down to find the tagĀ Set RCS Flag.Ā Tap on that.Ā 
  6. Now, Tap it to find the following. Set the field as shown.
  7. Now hit Apply. Nothing shows up. I know. After hitting apply, exit the app. Now head to Settings>Apps>All Apps. Look for the Messages App. Tap on it and tap Force Stop.
  8. After doing this, head to Messages. You will be greeted with this screen.
  9. The Message can be different. Tap on Upgrade Now. Follow the steps. Do remember, do not turn on WiFi throughout the entire process.Ā 
  10. To confirm that you are connected, check the Three Dots menu> Settings > Chat Features.

I have successfully tested this on two different devices: Galaxy A6+ on Airtel and Galaxy J4 on Jio. The feature works pretty darn fine. Only the issue is sometimes the Messages may/ may not read OTP, and display a message saying Try Again. It generally occurs when you use the WiFi in between.Ā 

Try using the Mobile Data until the verification of the OTP stage. In such cases, if the app reads the OTP, just turn on the Mobile data and hit the Resend Code. The feature will get activated automatically.


Even though the feature is pretty handy, but in some cases, the feature might send the message as a normal SMS or an MMS, considering what you are sending. Also note, The is still hidden from the eyes of the normal users.Ā 

Also, it may happen in the coming days, that Google might abandon this feature from the app. But that day might come late. So Enjoy the RCS!Ā 

Update:Ā Ā Here is the chat screenshot, with an image shared on the same.

Captured on Pixel 4XL Night Mode - OneTechStop
Captured on Pixel 4XL Night Mode – OneTechStop

If you do not believe it, here is the said chat screenshot.

A big thanks to Android Police for publishing the steps to run this feature!

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