Spotify is giving away free Google Home Mini

Spotify, the streaming giant is now giving away free Google Home Minis to its new and old subscribers. However, this offer is for US citizens only.

Google Home Mini is good, affordable smart speaker with Google Assistant onboard. This small speaker will make your home ‘smart’, considering the fact that most of your things at home are ‘smart’, themselves.

However, Spotify is also making sure that the new users get the Speaker. And this time rules are pretty straight-forward and strict. The new users, if free, have to switch to a premium account for a month, to get this free speaker.

And the old users, considering that they haven’t received any of the promotion code from Spotify for Google products, will get the promotion coupon.

This promotion ends on November 15th, 2019. And once you get the promo code, you have to get the Home Mini by the end of this year.

Steps to follow:

  1. Logon to Spotify, with the account you have subscribed to the Premium plans. If a new user or a free user, you can get the subscription on the Spotify page itself.
  2. Click on Premium Individual or Premium Family as per your plan
  3. You will receive a page for confirming your Google Home Mini
  4. You will get the promo code on the registered email address, so keep an eye out!
  5. Once you get the mail, head to the Google Product Page
  6. Add it to the cart, do note, it should not be the latest Google Home Nest Mini.
  7. Do the checkout, and add the promo code, as usual.

Do check your email. It may take 48hrs to get the promo code, if not received after 48hrs, contact Spotify for the same.

Source: Android Authority

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