Samsung patents AR glasses, reveals a new report.


Behold! Samsung has filed a patent for its own AR glasses! And Apple isn’t the only one left now. As per the bog GalaxyClub, Samsung has filed the patent for the glasses already.

The patent is called Head Mounted Display by Samsung. The hardware will have two heads-up displays, a built-in speaker an two cameras.

However, we have to see how they will go with this AR glass since they have already disbanded the Galaxy VR anyways. This is done in the light of low sales of the hardware.

Also, most mobile phone VR are gone, with Google placing the last nail in the coffin. Recently, after launching the Pixel 4, Google disbanded its DayDream VR.

Although, not much of the phones have VR support anyways, let’s see how AR is going to do in this field.

Source: GalaxyClub

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