Google Pixel 4 launched in New York today.


Google, at Made By Google event in New York, launched the Pixel 4. And yes, the rumors are getting true, yet again. Just like the rumors said, the Pixel 4 has the Radar tech called Soli.

In the event, Google demonstrates the Project Soli on the device. Using this, you can use the motion-sensing for easy and hands-free actions on the system.

Although they didn’t give the specifications of the hardware, they clearly mentioned that the smartphone is completely focusing on Privacy. By using the Titan M chip on the system, that will save your critically personal data safe. And do note,

Also, they introduced the new UI of Google Assistant. This time, on the Pixel, you will get the plain four-color Assistant bar, with the animation somewhat similar to Siri on Apple.

Similar isn’t it? Well, this Assistant is now deeply integrated around the system.

Another kind of impressive feature Google demonstrated in the event. The Audio Recorder uses the speech recording and AI, you can record the audio with real-time transcription on the go.

Even, if you remember is a single word from the meeting, just use the search to search the word. The word in the meeting recording will be highlighted yellow bar.

And, this all happens in the offline mode as well. This feature is on-device. And just like rumors, Pixel 4 comes with a 90Hz display. Along with the display, you get much more information about the hardware in the coming days.

Pixel offers, and others.

If you are eligible, you will get 3 months of free Google One 100GB plan, with premium support as well. Pixel 4 will be available in 2 different sizes, which means either an XL variant or the storage/RAM variant. There will be three colors: Just Black, Clearly White, and the limited edition, Oh So Orange.

Google is also improving the camera here. This time, the Pixel comes with the triple camera setup. The camera comes with Live HDR+, Dual Exposure Control, improved (Learning-Based) White Balancing, improved Portrait Mode.

And damn that improved Night Mode as well. This time, Google has added the astrophotography. Yes, you can capture the night sky with the Pixel with your heart content.

The smartphone will be available for pre-order starting today for $799. The shipping will begin from October 24 and will be available with every major carrier in the USA.

Event Video

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