A Closer Look at the Pixel 4’s Camera(s)

Pixel 4 is finally launched. And it wouldn’t be better if we didn’t talk about the cameras on a Pixel, right? Yet again, Google made some nifty improvements in the camera space, showcasing the best of both its hardware and software.

The Pixel 4 features dual cameras at the back, with a square iPhone 11-like camera bump. The main camera is a 12.2MP one, and the second one is a 16MP telephoto lens, which is a hybrid of optical and digital zoom.

The Pixel 4 features Live HDR+, with dual exposure controls in the viewfinder, which shows how photos will look in real-time.Ā The sliders will help you adjust the contrast and brightness while you take your photo. Google has also focused on making the photos look true to life by adding a learning-based white balance feature.

Night Sight also got Better!

Google, in its event today, also explained about computational photography. There’s a significant improvement in Night Sight, and there’s even a new astrophotography mode that lets you capture stars by combining multiple photos.

Even the portrait mode is now improved. The software computes depth from dual pixels and dual cameras, and it can be used on more subjects like bigger objects from a distance, and even furry friends like pets.

For subjects that are far far away, Super Res Zoom uses the 2x telephoto lens to let you zoom in close, without losing photo quality.

Fastest Face Unlock on a Phone

Google also boasted how the face unlocking tech on the Pixel 4 is the fastest on any phone, thanks to Project Soli, Googleā€™s radar motion-sensing system. Motion Sense prepares the system when you pick up the phone, and it can also recognize swipe gestures over the phone that can dismiss calls, skip songs, or even wave at Pikachu!

The Pixel 4 is currently available for preorders. You can preorder one from Best Buy by clicking here.

Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar is a Computer Science student, who loves to write about science and technology. In his free time, you will find him reading finance books or scrolling Twitter. Feel free to contact him on any of the social media below or email him at [email protected]

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