File Manager will have a new look, and this is pretty clean.

File Manager is a life savior feature on the Windows Platform. Other than some overpriced systems *ahem* Windows has given users complete rights to manage their files and other things on the system. But, the manager on Windows has this current design for quite a long time. The dark mode did come but on a later stage. The current design is the redesign of the File manager we used to see back in the days of Windows 7 and others.

But, do you know, that Microsoft is working on the Manager and converting it to a UWP App? UWP app is a Universal Windows Platform app, where apps have similar designs and code available cross-platform. Cross-Platform here refers to the system running Windows 10 or its variants, like Xbox or a normal PC.

Do note, the file manager looks similar to the Windows 10 Mobile File Manager.

This is the new design. However, it is kept hidden as of now, due to obvious reasons.

  1. It is not fully featured. Most of the basic things are still missing.
  2. Still in testing mode, obviously.

But thanks to a reddit user, you can now enable this on your system with a single line of code.


As long as you ave a Windows 10 system with the latest build installed, you are good to go.


Pretty straight forward. Just copy the command below, and paste it on any File Manager window’s address bar


Like this:

After you tap enter, you can see the new Manager.

You can pin the UWP File Manager on the taskbar for regular use as well. But you might regret the decision in the future, considering the fact that, this is going to take a long time to get completed.

Let us know, do you liked the UWP Manager, in the comments!

The reddit post is here!

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