Pixel 4 Motion Sense exclusive video is now online

Pixel 4, even before launching is creating a huge hype about its features. A few hours back, I mentioned the Camera Samples, this time it is the Motion Sense Demo videos. These videos show how the Motion Sens will work.

First of all, let me tell you how it works. There is a sensor underneath the top bezel, called Soli Radar Sensor, which effectively detects all gestures you do near it.

And on an official blog post, Google also mentions that the sensor will let you skip songs, silence the alarms and phone calls as well.

Here are some of the actions that are being demonstrated by Google:

At first, let’s talk about silencing the alarms and phone calls. Just a single swipe gesture, will silence the alarm for you.

The next gesture comes for the phone calls.

A single swipe gesture forwards your music on YouTube Video. Which is pretty handy, if you cannot wait to listen to your favorite verse of one of Eminem’s Song.

And if you purchase a Pixel 4, you can even turn off these inside the settings of your device. Pretty handy, right?

But Google is trying too hard to convince the new users and existing users to buy or upgrade to the new Pixel so that they can have the benefits of using the Soli Radar’s Motion Sense feature.

Yup, 9to5Google got this video first :/

Source: 9to5Google

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