Pixel 4 face recognition is going to be quicker than thought

Just before the launch of the Pixel 4 and its elder sibling, here comes a stream of leaks about its features. This time, it is the face recognition of the smartphone.

As per the video, the face recognition is quick and snappier, all thanks to the rumored dedicated face recognition sensor onboard. Yes, with Android 10, your phone needs to have a dedicated sensor for true face recognition.

On Pixel 4, the sensor for the fae recognition used is the Soli Radar sensor, which is also used for Motion gestures.

The video goes like this:

The user receives the notification on his phone. The Soli Radar chip illuminates the display to the fullest. After the user lifts the phone up, the phone detects the user’s face instantly and unlocks the phone.

Along with the Pixel 4 smartphone, Google will also launch a Pixelbook Go, a new WiFi Router, along with Nest Mini (2nd Gen) as well. This time, you will also have a look at next-generation Pixel Buds as well.

Source: 9to5Google

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