Pixel 4 is going to pack some nice live wallpapers


Pixel 4 is coming next month, and the series of leaks isn’t ending here at all. This time there is the series of live wallpapers that are going to come pre-installed on the device already.

The first wallpaper is called Doodle and is the default wallpaper of your Pixel 4. There are some other variants of the Doodle wallpapers as well. There are total 9 wallpapers, however, six of them turns dark, when you turn on Android 10 Dark mode.

The second wallpaper is Compass, which has this 3D design, with a compass needle. And, yes it points to the direction you set. After all, they are live wallpapers!

The next one is the Slights from The Sun, which is the vector design of the solar system. And it may even show moons and planets going around the sun as well.

The fourth type is Come Alive. It consists of three type of wallpapers called Leafy, Rocky & Pricky.

Moreover, there are three different Live Wallpapers for the Living Universe section. There are different locations in this section of the wallpapers. The three important places are Uluru, Australia, Tarout bay, Saudi Arabia, and Mount Pilatus, Switzerland.

Source: 9to5Google

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