Google Assistant now available on Xbox One


One of the main selling points of the Xbox One was the voice control that was provided by an upgrade in Kinect Unit. Now Microsoft announced that Google Assistant has launched a skill that allows you to use the Google Assistant apps on iOS and Android to control basic navigation and system-level console commands.

By using the new Xbox Action for Google Assistant software from Microsoft, you can connect the two platforms. You will need to join this Xbox group, sign in to your Xbox, and then add it as a device within the Google Home app on iOS or Android, according to a blog post on Xbox Wire.

You will need to join the group first in order to access the feature.

Google Assistant is a beta skill on Xbox, but it’s easy to set up, even if you don’t usually go to beta launches. You must have your Xbox One linked to the web and a portable phone (iOS or Android) downloaded and set up with the Google Assistant before you begin.