Batman games are free for limited time

The week is about to start and Epic games are giving away six Batman games for free! These games are popular batman games in the industry and have got a lot of hits already.

Titled 80 years of Batman, Epic post shows how dedicated and justice hungry character Batman is. In the happiness of completing 80 Years of the character. These games are going to be free for life, considering the fact that you have the Epic games account and launcher pre-installed on your system.

The free games are:

Lego Batman Trilogy

The LEGO Batman series includes The Videogame, the DC Super Heroes and Beyond Gotham. 

Batman Arkham Collection

The mainstream Batman collection includes Akhram Asylum, Akhram City and Akhram Knight.

What are you guys waiting for? Go head to Epic Launcher and download all the six games before 29th September 10:59 AM EDT!

Batman: Link

LEGO Batman: Link

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