Twitter users in USA and Japan can now “Hide Replies” from their tweets


Twitter has rolled out a feature in USA and Japan where the users can now hide hurtful or irrelevant replies to their tweets and fuel more positive conversations. This move by Twitter is towards giving its users “more control” on their tweets.

Twitter said in a blogpost,

“With this test, we want to understand how conversations on Twitter changes if the person who starts a conversation can hide replies. We saw that people were more likely to reconsider their interactions when their tweet was hidden: 27 per cent of people who had their tweets hidden said they would reconsider how they interact with others in the future”

To hide a reply, the users can now click on a grey downward arrow on the right-hand corner of a tweet and then click on an option that says “Hide reply.”

Users can also unhide a reply and an icon at the bottom right of a tweet will indicate if any replies have been hidden.

The new feature will start rolling out at 2 PM PT in both the U.S. and Japan and will be available across mobile and web clients.