OnePlus 7T will have fast charging but no wireless one


As per the trend of OnePlus, you will soon see the  T variant of the already popular One Plus 7. This smartphone will be called OnePlus 7T. And the good point or say, the first feature is known here is the Fast Charging. Well, not the normal one, or similar to the OnePlus 7. It will be way faster than that.

As per Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, the smartphone will come with Warp Charge 30T specification.

Lau to TechRadar:

“We believe that Warp Charge 30T offers the best charging solution for real-world usage. You can charge the phone at 23% faster speeds, even while using the device.”

The Warp Charge 30T will give as much power like OnePlus 7 Pro, overall. The charging time here can suggest that the OnePlus 7T will get a smaller battery with the same charging speed. Which is not fast but a kind of mockup IMO.

And again, OnePlus is ditching Wireless Charging here. As per Lau, the wireless charging technology isn’t fast enough to incorporate into the devices as of now. Also, they aren’t giving any IP certification to their devices, as usual.

However, many of the OEMs are giving Fast Wireless Charging, like Samsung. Also, Oppo is adding 30W wireless charging to their smartphones.

And, with fast charging, many smartphone manufacturers are adding the,m to their smartphones already.

Sometimes back, the competition was who can add more features in smartphones before anyone. But now its who can charge the smartphone battery faster.

Anyways this is what consumers want. So OEMs are doing their jobs.

Source: Android Authority

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