Pixel 4 Orange variant gets leaked on Times Square ad.

The Pixel 4 Orange variant made a lot of hype recently. The Orange variant is the first color ever released, or say revealed by Google. This is going to be the third color of the smartphone, other the normal black, and white.

However, it never remains a secret, although Google tried to keep it. There are already several leaks present around the internet on this color. Even several YouTubers talked about the color. But now, Google has leaked the smartphone on their own. This leak or say the ad comes from Times Square in New York.

The ad clearly represents the new variant of Pixel 4, and also mentions the launch date of the smartphone as well.

The Pixel 4 Orange is going to be the third smartphone from the rest two colors. However, it is still not clear if this color will be available for Base variant Pixel 4 or the elder brother Pixel 4 XL.

Source: The Verge

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