Pixel 4 Rumors: first camera samples now live


Pixel 4 rumors are almost done for, however, there are more things to go. This time its the camera samples that have leaked. Although camera quality is good, the video capturing is messed up.

The images and videos come from YouTuber ReLab, which claims that the Google Pixel 4’s camera is ok-ish type. As per the YouTuber, the images are pretty good, but the quality of the video capturing is worse than the Note 10 Plus.

Here is the comparison video of both devices’ video quality.

Although, the images are coming pretty good from Pixel 4, the quality of the video which is actually bad here.

In videography, the audio quality also not that good. However, you can still expect stability from Google’s hardware, here. But do note that the Pixel 4 rumors are now true enough to consider.

However, this is the initial hardware of Pixel 4, which makes sense actually. The quality of the videography will increase before the official launch which is going to happen in October this year.

We hope that Google fixes the quality and stabilization of the hardware.

The Pixel 4 leaks are growing. Let’s see what is going to come in the coming future.

Source: Android Authority

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