Nest Hub Max available for $229, starting today in US, UK & Australia

Google’s Nest Hub, previously known as the Home Hub, was one of the greatest stuff Google introduced in its final case. The phone came with a 7-inch screen and cute form factor, plus its absence of camera, added to the smart display’s more personal approach, perfect for private areas.

But with the Nest Hub Max , you get a larger screen (10 inches) with better sound quality and also support for gesture controls. The new smart display is on sale today for $229 (£ 219, AU$349), or $100 more than the original cost during the short periods when it is not available at a discount. It now includes a 6.5-megapixel face-recognition camera that many people don’t want. And while you can turn a switch to disable this camera, you can not completely cover it with a physical shutter.

You also get the Face Match tech that recognizes you and loads from Duo proactive notifications such as upcoming activities, reminders, commute times, and video posts. Face models are encrypted and stored on the Nest Hub Max, allowing the camera to acknowledge when walking through the Smart Display.

The bottom speaker is bigger, louder and bassier (and stereo, to boot) than the original Home Hub and comes with two mics on board. The Nest Hub can also be used with a variety of other connected cameras and smart home devices, serving as a kind of centralized control panel.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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